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8 Skills to Learn Early on in Life

Is it the outer beauty that we glaze or the material possession. Or let’s say the academic achievement or the status in the society? A person should be conscious of his/her actions, reaction, and words. And should know the way to treat oneself and others. According to me, here are few basic life skills which one should propagate early in life, in order to be successful.

The Journey

You are right, there are thousands of miles before I finish my journey but then the journey ends with me, on my death bed.

You see my unsuccessful attempts, I see them as fun stories to be told.

My journey is not what you want it to be rather everything I have ever wanted it to be. And I only wish when I finish it and the Almighty asks was I satisfied with my life, I am able to look at him/her and say – Maybe but I was surely happy until the very end.

What I was looking for was happiness even at my worst, to learn to love myself and support everyone else. And that is the journey I wish I have.