A Serendipitous Encounter

You need someone with whom you can share your deepest secrets.

Someone who knows you better than you know yourself. With whom you can share your successes and failures. Someone who can tell if something is wrong with you just by listening to your voice.

Someone who won’t let you settle for everything easily in life. Someone who motivates and inspires you to improve on a regular basis. Someone to whom you can ask for a thousand favors without thinking to return anything.

Someone who is willing to listen to you without passing judgment. Someone who doesn’t shrug it away by telling you to “Stop being a baby” or comment something that makes you always feel wrong.

Someone who believes in you and never gives up on you. Someone who is consistent with you and never avoids you for the sake of others.

Most importantly, someone in front of whom you can cry your heart out. Someone who can help you in figuring out the things when you’re confused.

That person does not have to be your partner, but he or she can be your friend.

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