The Blog

We all are unique and so are our interests and hence the aim is to come up with a little bit of everything for all of the readers so that they can find their niche. The blog is categorized into different sections and each section caters to a specific area of interest. The blogs represent my perceptive and hence there could be a difference in opinion. Please feel welcomed to provide me with your suggestions and opinions on my pieces and any topic recommendations you would like to read. I am not your ex so I won’t be making any false promises to you and hence the possibility that I might not take up your suggestion is always there but I will try to publish them to the best of my ability. Also, if hate is the agenda then by all means go on but make sure to use syllables other than cuss words so that I can at least understand the comment and your logic behind it. I appreciate all the interactions that I get to make through this blog, be it positive or negative. Happy reading!

“The biggest introvert problem I face has got to be being asked on loop if I’m ok because I’m quiet, when most of the time I’m just in my own little world thinking about how much I love food and books.”

The Writer

Hey Peeps!! Just for sake of creating some mystery, I will be using the pen name- Illogically Sane. Funny name right?! The basic idea behind this pen name is that you look at the write-ups as a piece independent of my identity. Me and my background shouldn’t influence the way you perceive a piece and also because the idea of having a pen name sounded cool (anonymous cool person tag check), so way not. Now talking about my basic background, I am a BCom (Hons) graduate from DU with 2 years of working experience in one of the leading auditing firms. By now I probably sound super intelligent. Also, let’s not ignore the emphasis I am making on the Hons part because I had to go through extra two years of Mathematic hell for that. Bad choice but then it’s something I wanted. And now, not so smart am I now. Currently, I am in a transitional phase career-wise and hence I thought why not go back to one of the old hobbies of mine. The pandemic made me realize that life is way too short to be doing something you don’t like (please ignore the cliché). Also, I love reading and doodling. I ain’t an artist though so if you stumble upon any of my drawings or photography and think it’s just average, then that’s probably true but the point isn’t about being good it’s about having fun, isn’t it? Can’t deny the facts, can I now. Sincerely hope you like reading my write-ups and have fun.