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The Journey

You are right, there are thousands of miles before I finish my journey but then the journey ends with me, on my death bed.

You see my unsuccessful attempts, I see them as fun stories to be told.

My journey is not what you want it to be rather everything I have ever wanted it to be. And I only wish when I finish it and the Almighty asks was I satisfied with my life, I am able to look at him/her and say – Maybe but I was surely happy until the very end.

What I was looking for was happiness even at my worst, to learn to love myself and support everyone else. And that is the journey I wish I have.

Battle of Sexes: Billie King VS Bobby Riggs

Recently the tennis legend ‘Billie Jean King’ has been conferred with the ‘2021 Laureus Lifetime Achievement Award’.

King, who is regarded as a major proponent for equality in women’s sports, set a milestone in 1973, a tennis match against her male counterpart Bobby Riggs.
Though her Victory changed women’s tennis, BUT still the game is not a paradise for women.

The Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021

The news of the tussle between Whatsapp and the Government on the new set of rules introduced and Google moving to Delhi High court as it is not under Social Media Intermediaries has recently grabbed up the headlines , lets us take a sneak peek of what actually has been brought up and what are the concerns around the proposed guidelines.