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Sunderlal Bahuguna: Ecology is the Permanent Economy

Dwelling in big cities and multi floored houses we hardly get a chance to know about the natural habitat. In the name of Development and Urbanization we have distanced ourselves from nature.It seems that our early live teaching has no significance if we are not practicing it in REAL.
For us the best way to secure Subdarlal Bahuguna’s vision will be when we as a youth will engage ourselves in embracing the challenges of protecting our Flora and Fauna.

Fear of getting Attached

One day you are important to someone and the very next moment as you know they move on like you never mattered. They are sweet to you until they get what they want and what follows is a bitter goodbye and sometimes not even that…….
“Fears may come. You may drown, but the belief that the hand is always there for you, makes you to get triumph over your fears.”

My Pride and Your Prejudice

We live in a society that still schools women on their clothing choice but the minister that openly questioned a women’s upbringing and her ability to raise a kid because of a distressed jeans gets only a light slap on his wrist.
You say this society favors men over women but have you heard any crime against men ever. So is it that they don’t exist or that they are not reported?
Why is it that every time your prejudices slaughter my pride and I am mocked if I raise my voice against it.
But then am I doing my part or is it just a shallow preach for equality?

The World’s Most Intractable Conflict

As of now both Israel and Hamas have agreed to cease-fire mediated by Egypt after days of fighting. Can this be called the end of the conflict or is it merely the silence before the storm? The innocent citizens are begging for a solution that won’t come until the UN doesn’t take their responsibility seriously or the strong nations that dominate the world would entail themselves in this issue and meditate to help and not dominate and profit from the weak.

Friends: The Reunion

Among all these struggles, failed relationships, and setbacks their friendship creates a safe haven of stability in otherwise uncertain lives where romantic relationships fail, families are dysfunctional and career trajectories are uncertain, friendship becomes the most stable and important value in our lives. And this is what Friends taught us that to make it through in life we need a good group of friends and a little bit of humor. A large percentage of the audience has the same uncertainty and struggles as the characters on the show 20 years ago. Somehow Friends, is able to make us feel as watching them is like hanging out with our friends and that feeling of warmth and comfort is what makes this show popular even today. Just like the characters are there for each other when their lives become overwhelming they are there for us as well, to comfort us, make us laugh and sometimes even cry.

Pride and Prejudice

“Who made you fall in love with literature? Was it Charlotte Bronte, Thomas Hardy or Jane Austen?”- Christian Grey. I guess I made my choice ages ago when I first picked Pride and Prejudice. Even the name in itself made me curious about the wonders that it was going to unfold for me.
This novel became the perfect example for many things for me but most importantly it taught me the lesson- that as we grow our perception toward things and situations changes and that is okay. That’s what growing is all about- change……Click on the title to continue reading