From the Eyes of an Introvert

The cheerful one, the bouncy ball of the lot, the one who is easy to love; the extrovert. They are always full of energy and never shy away from being the center of attraction. Yeah, they sure are cute. And then there is the quiet and shy one waiting to be adored in a corner, not too much attention, just a little bit; the introvert, the one waiting to be adopted by an extrovert.

The puffballs full of energy are always the more loved ones as they simply leave a better impact in a short while. Introverts really at times can be hard. They take their time to open up and show their true selves. And that is why at times they are considered arrogant or a brooder.

As an introvert myself, I have time and again heard people that aren’t close to me complain about how quiet I am but the people who know me call me noisy. So, which one it is?

To be honest, both are two different sides of my personality. Me being an introvert has no impact on my communication skills rather it is more like my will to initiate the conversation. Introverts take their sweet time to open and get comfortable around people but once they do, they too can be the life of the party but just prefer not to because too much attention makes them exhausted. Let’s just let the extrovert have their share of fun.

An introvert’s source of energy isn’t people rather it comes from within. And I know if I say it comes from books, it might hold true in my case but not in everyone’s and that is one thing I hate about this introvert v/s extrovert debate, they tend to stereotype you.

I being an introvert is my part of my personality, my personality trait to be exact, it might influence my behavior but that isn’t who I am. That’s not who I am as an individual, there is more to me than being an introvert.

I can lead a conversation, give a presentation in a room full of people and yet turn to books or even binge-watch Gossip Girl to replenish my energy.

Can we next break the myth that introverts are better observers and are the best people to have a one-on-one conversation with? Extroverts are generally so full-on energy that they might miss some points in their excitement. Absolutely agreed.

There might be a chance that may happen but then there is also a possibility that it might not. Just because they are surrounded by people doesn’t mean they cannot sit down and have a heart-to-heart with you. To do this you need emotional understanding and the power to listen to others. And sorry to break it to you in my eyes it has nothing to do with us being an introvert or an extrovert.

You know in the same way, introverts sometimes can be very detached from people and might not really be observing others at all and hence miss to notice some serious signs. Calmness doesn’t equal good observers. One just needs to make sure they are actually looking and not just seeing others in order to be called good observers.

The coin really flips both ways. Extroverts aren’t always superficial and introverts aren’t always loners.

Introverts surely find solace in solitude but that doesn’t mean we want to be alone always. Sometimes, we just are waiting for the right extrovert to come our way and adopt us and then complain they create a monster. Exactly, they created one hehe let’s keep this as our little secret.

9 Tips to remember while starting a new job

“Hey, you’ve been hired, and we’re sending you an offer letter.” You have 24 hours to accept the offer.”

“Kindly check the details and get back to us as soon as possible.”

I’ll never forget the day I got that phone call. I felt like I was on cloud nine. I was so desperate that I accepted the offer without even thinking. It was, after all, MY FIRST STEP IN THE PROFESSIONAL WORLD.

When I think back to that day, I remember everything. A fresher is extra nice to people, a little confused, asks a lot of questions to get clarity, tries to understand everything as soon as possible, is nervous, and so on.

Here are some lessons I’ve learned that I’d like to share with a fresher.

1) Don’t be quick to judge anyone. Everyone who talks politely to you is not your friend. Don’t overshare unless you know the person well. With time, you will learn to understand people.

2) You need at least 2-3 real friends for survival.  A trustworthy person who can be your go-to person and is a good listener. These people will keep you happy and sane. Someone in front of whom you can cry when times are tough.

3) Don’t take anyone’s shit that they throw at you. People who work in a company are all employees, and no one can treat anyone unfairly, regardless of their position. However, you will meet people who are smarter than you. Someone whose personality traits you aspire to emulate in order to achieve success in life. Observe them.

You must understand that there is a difference between tolerating disrespect and listening to things that will help you learn.

4) You need to have a good network. You have to ask for help from people. You can’t do everything yourself. Ask questions as much as you can. There is a chance that people will not answer everything, but the fact is that you can ask stupid questions also in the beginning only.  Develop a brand value as well – something you’re good at and with which you can help people.

5) Your work ethics matters. You will learn the importance of written communications. You need to have formal e-mails for clarifications in the future if required. But be kind. Don’t say anything that might offend someone. You have no idea what anyone is going through in life, so don’t add to their misery.

6) You are replaceable. Take a break when required. Working is important but don’t overdo it.  If the work can be completed tomorrow, there is no need to stretch the working hours. Also, fight for yourself whenever needed.

7) It’s okay to make mistakes. But don’t repeat the same mistake again. There would be a time when you will badly mess up but don’t regret it. Find someone who can help you, guide you properly. In case your senior isn’t helping you in the initial days then reach out to the above level for asking him/her to get changed immediately. We all need guidance. Don’t depend on anyone. This is an office, not a college or a school. Of course, you cannot expect to be spoon-fed, but you do deserve someone to look up to.

8) Don’t doubt yourself. You don’t need validations from anyone. Give your best even if people aren’t appreciating it. Stop before you feel like a machine that just never stopped. Be honest.

9) Try to figure out your ideal career path. If you want, you can continue working while pursuing higher education. If you don’t like the work or the culture then don’t waste your time, money, or energy. Because if you don’t realize this early on, you’ll get stuck and have a lot of regrets later. Try to finish your education as soon as possible because your age increases the chance of you becoming reluctant.

It’s a Match

Finding the right partner can be a herculean task. As it is rightly stated –
“There is no perfect, there will always be a struggle. You just have to pick who you have to struggle with.” Choose wisely!

There can be various things you may consider when you choose a life partner such as – appearance, qualifications, income, family background, interests, behavior, etc. (The list can be never-ending) 😛

However, according to me, there are a few basic things to surely consider before saying YES to someone in a relationship.

1) Respect

In my opinion, this is the most crucial aspect of every relationship. If someone can’t value your feelings, abilities, achievements, and opinions then that someone doesn’t deserve you in the first place.

Even if someone is better than you, they should never put you down in front of others. Even if he or she needs to correct you on something, it should be done in a place where no one else can hear.


Are you comfortable sharing your secrets with someone and they won’t judge you? Can you talk your heart out to that someone? Is that someone an active listener when you talk? To avoid miscommunication, for better understanding of each other, to express what someone means – can you communicate?

If the answer to the above questions is a YES, then you are good to go.

3)Sense of Humor

It can be one of a person’s most appealing characteristics. If that person can make you laugh or cheer you up when you’re sad, believe me when I say it’s icing on the cake.

However, there is a thin line between positive and hostile humor. Make sure that humor won’t let you feel bad about yourself. Laughing with you and laughing at you are two different things.


Compatibility, in my opinion, is when two people decide to find common ground and try to make things work out amicably. We are all unique individuals. You won’t know if you’re compatible right away, but with time, you’ll be able to figure it out.

As a result, it’s important to understand that in a successful relationship, adjustments are more important than compromises. It’s okay to adjust in order to make things work, but if you’re the one who always has to compromise then you should reconsider your decision.

5)Emotional Intelligence

Compatibility, in my opinion, is when two people decide to find common ground and try to make things work out amicably. We are all unique individuals. You won’t know if you’re compatible right away, but with time, you’ll be able to figure it out.

As a result, it’s important to understand that in a successful relationship, adjustments are more important than compromises. It’s okay to adjust in order to make things work, but if you’re the one who always has to compromise then you should reconsider your decision.

Someone correctly stated “There is no perfect, there will always be a struggle. You just have to pick who you have to struggle with.”

And basic criteria can vary from person to person, so tell us what is the most significant value you desire in your

“To be partner”?

How far is far Enough?

How far is far enough? I ask every time I wake up and make my way towards a life that I despise. How long am I supposed to endure this monotonous routine in order to make past the no judgment mark when I quit.

When will that day come, when I will be happy to start my day and do stuff that makes me happy. The day when you won’t call me a loser for quitting.

When will you understand that I didn’t quit, I let go of the thing that pierced me every day while you expected me to put on a smile and greet you good morning like I am not dying every day inside.

Is it okay to give up? Maybe no. But letting go is okay right. They sound the same but one is less prejudiced than the other, won’t you say?

And the latter is what I am doing. So, when will you understand and respect me for my failures and just stop JUDGING me?

#notacoward #lettinggo #judgments #vulnerability

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Choice: quote by Priyanka Chopra

Isn’t it true we regret the decisions we didn’t make more than the wrong ones that we made? The what-ifs are the ones that haunt us for the rest of our lives, so why not just take the plunge.

And then we shelter behind the excuse, ” I had no choice” but the question isn’t not taking a stand or making a choice or letting someone else take the decision for you is also a choice in itself? Isn’t taking the easier route out a decision as well?

Ask yourself- is it really like that or you are consciously making a choice of giving in to fear and convenience.

Let’s talk more about this fear. Is it the fear of failing, be criticized, or judged? Which one is it? Criticism and failure the product of a decision.

They help you in growing and in making better choices. And as for judgment, are oh pushpa, kuch to log kahege unka kaam hai kahana. So get over it already.



Make your choice 😏 Tell us one of the difficult choices you made or gave into. No judgments or is it?

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Hustle V/S Mental Health

News Flash:

As the news of Naomi Osaka withdrawing from the French open due to her struggle with depression hits us up, the stigma around mental health somehow seems more real than ever.

The fellow players actually had mixed review and some of them even stated that the press conferences can be difficult but it is a part of the job or I hope she doesn’t regret it, makes you wonder when did the hustle become more important than our mental peace.

Naomi Osaka withdraws from French Open due to Mental Health Issues
Naomi Osaka withdraws from French Open due to Mental Health Issues

The Question:

What is it that she would really regret? The fact that she took time off before her anxiety and depression took a toll on her and didn’t start hating the sport that once was her source of happiness, will she really regret this? Ask yourself when did mental health became an excuse and not the priority but then when was it a priority, to begin with?

The Reality:

Our lifestyle and society have always been more inclined towards the viewpoint that in order to be successful one needs to burn themselves out and the hustle has always been normalized. But if losing yourself and hating the very source of your happiness is the new normal then isn’t being the outcast way better?

We really need to rethink our priorities before it kills us. The Guardian labeled her move as courageous when all it was really basic.

The stress and hustle in a employees life
Hustle V/S Mental Health

Battle between Hustle and Mental Health

Picking mental wellbeing is a basic necessity for everyone. Oh, not if you want to be successful I guess, then it is hustling. Because 18 hours of working shift and 10k increment is exactly what I call success and surely that makes me the happiest, right?

To think you need to go through depression to actually learn what it really is, is actually sad. Why didn’t we learn this basic concept in school itself you ask. Oh but you did learn it, first hand in school but the only problem was that it wasn’t taught by the teachers but by experiencing it. They told us to be the best, not the best that we can be.

And even today when we all are facing the worst pandemic, yet for some reason, we are still expected to hustle like nothing is happening.

This hustle culture is based on the belief that you can only succeed in life only if you exert yourself to the point of sacrificing your sleep cycle and sanity and that my friend is actually toxic.

So the question is until when are we gonna live the hustle and sacrifice our mental peace?

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100 years of Tulsa Massacre

100 years of Tulsa Race Massacre
100 years of Tulsa Race Massacre


“We do ourselves no favors by pretending none of this ever happened ..We should know the good, the bad, everything. That’s what great nations do: They come to terms with their dark sides”.

President Joe Biden recently recognized one of the worst incidents of racial hate in the country’s history, the only sitting American Head to do this.

Tulsa Massacre (May-June 1921) is one of the violent killings of the African – American by the hands of the whites, the killings which shocked the nation and the world.

Not only the well-to-do African Americans were killed mercilessly but also there was extensive damage done to their property.

Background :

Tulsa is a place which was founded by the descendants of slaves and was known as the habitat of the African American who suffered from the harsh Jim Crow Laws in pre-civil rights America. Later on, it was popularly known as the “Black Wall Street “ of the US.

However it seemed that when the community of color ,which suffered the decade long oppression, rose to the higher economic strata , caused a lot of displeasure and resulted in violent mass killings.

What was even shocking was that even after facing such lethal action they could not muster the courage to speak as they feared the reprisal and covered up the massacre. It was only in 2000, it was described in the Oklahoma Public School Curriculum.

Some Historians have argued that Tulsa City officials were not only instrumental in covering up the crimes but also shifted the focus from massacre to riots, putting the blame on the black community.

Later on, the 2001 report was submitted by the Tulsa Race Riot Commission which made it clear that things had been covered up.

Hate  crime: Hundreds were killed in Tulsa by racist mob in 1921
Hate crime: Hundreds were killed in Tulsa by racist mob in 1921 Source: The Hindu

Way Forward:

What comes ahead is that recognition is a first step and action should be streamlined to address the root causes of the disparity.

We often have heard of the movements like BLM where we saw a wide range of support provided by the noted people of the society, however, a lot is still to be done and one should focus more on reducing the discrimination through an effective policy measure, and a bottom-up approach will surely help in reducing such incidents.

This is one of the many episodes which has been put in lights, yet there are many more such cases that people are not talking about. It’s high time to consider humanity above all the discriminations.

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5 Indian Shows that are our Guilty Pleasure

Talk about cringe-worthy and absolutely binge-able and these shows will top every list. You love to hate them but eagerly wait for them too. Let’s check out the top 5 shows that made it to the guilty pleasure list of our blog.

1) Koffee With Karan

Talk about drama and Karan will serve you piping hot koffee with a hint of wit and sarcasm sprinkled over it. Controversial statements, fights, and fake compliments, you name it, this show has it all.

And who are we kidding we all love fights and gossip but what’s shocking is the influence of this show. This show has the ability to make a meme out of your stardom, completely tarnish your image or make people fall in love with you.

And those crazy gift baskets. Why would you give already rich people stuff they already have but anyways I would kill for the basket.

Koffee with Karan
Top of the List: Koffee with Karan

2) Roadies

This show was our 101 in strategic planning in its early days. now it is just cringy. Raghu ki galli and Rannvijay ki hotness is what roadies was all about at least till it got high on cringe and controversy and just another fighting show.

Right from the interview round to task to Rannvijay and Raghu randomly taking shots at you, it was absolutely ruthless for the people involved but way too much fun for the audience.

Have you ever seen a show whose crew is way better than the constants? The back scenes were the funniest shit you did ever see.

MTV Roadies
MTV Roadies

3) Bigg Boss

This show is binge-able as hell. Well, that’s about it. It offers you every shade of drama and for some reason is high on fashion.

You can hate this show but I bet you would come back for more. Gossiping and fighting are the exact two things we Indians live by anyway and the plotting they do oh oh it can put serious strategists to shame.

How many relationships were born out of it again? I have lost count already.

At least one every season, you see tried and tested trick for TRP Karishma Tanna and her fight for her makeup, this Mother Teressa was probably disappointed to know that the world doesn’t revolves around her.

Bigg Boss
The Mass favorite: Bigg Boss

4) Indian Matchmaking

You can criticize this show all you want but you know it this you finished even though it was cringy. Let’s just be honest but this is the reality of Indian matchmaking. The things that we made fun of, are actual practices we all follow.

Honestly, when Nadia described her perfect beau well, that was the most genuine and relatable thing on the show. We all fall in love with her at that moment.

But the best moment was when Sima aunty called a portrait of the cat a dog.

More than Aparna’s personality, I was concerned about her mother’s unrealistic expectations but then that’s every Indian parent ever.

The in-your-face misogyny, casteism, and colorism on display have caused much outrage, but also inspired many to introspection.

Indian Matchmaking
The Netflix favorite cringy series but with a hint of truth: The Indian Matchmaking

5) Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Housewifes

Netflix’s recent addition to its binge-able and cringe-worthy content is this masterpiece that is anything but fabulous.

The Indianised version of Keeping up with Kardashian falls flat on both drama and fashion.

The best part about this show is actually the men on the show. And let’s just be honest I totally forgot what a savage he was. If you really wanna watch this flashy and flimsy show watch it for the humorous and savage men.

Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Housewifes
Not so Fabulous Lives of Bollywood wives

Is it Okay to Give Up

As I grew up I have heard many times that you should not give up. And if you quit, you will be labeled a loser because winners never give up.

Below are some of my favorite quotes that are so popular and I’m sure you’ve heard or read them.

  1. When you feel like Quitting: Remember why you started.
  2. Rise up against the odds.
  3. Rest, rather than giving up. And obviously many more.

But have you ever wonder if giving up truly makes someone a loser? Does this imply that a person is worthless?

We all have goals, whether they be long-term or short-term. We feel energized and enthusiastic when we start working toward our goal. We are so driven to achieve our goal that we will do whatever it takes. We are confident in our ability to do so.

But what if it remains unachievable for some unexplained reason?
Then we start to doubt ourselves, our level of confidence drop like a stone, we lose patience, and we feel stuck. We worry about what others will say.

No one can ever tell you when it’s right to give up. Only you have to understand when it’s over, not worth trying anymore. You must trust your instincts and gut feelings. You need to see the signs of the universe from time to time.

And before you give up, ask a few questions.
1) Will you be okay if you don’t get that particular thing you’re giving up now?
2) Did you give your best? If not, why not give it another shot?
3) Giving up should not be influenced by the fear of being judged if you fail again.
4) Will giving up improve your life? What do you stand to lose if you give up?
5) Do you have a backup plan?
6) Will it matter if you’re labeled a loser by others simply because you gave up?
7) What’s the opportunity cost – Let’s imagine you’re preparing for an exam, will it be worth it if you clear it in more attempts than you expected?

Although it is easier said than done, we must never give up. But you know what? Sometimes it’s best to give up. You may not realize it now, but you will not regret your decision in the future.

No, I do not encourage giving up. However, there are moments when you should understand what you want and what will make you happy in life, and then make the right choices at the right time.

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Friends: The one where they got back Together

Dear Friends,

Seventeen years after “The Last One” …
The Friends gang came back after 17 years and it felt like you never left. The bond, the memories (most of them for the cast), the friendship still intact like it was then, or did it flourished even more in all these years? It certainly did.

High on emotions

Firstly, I don’t know who’s emotion I resonated with most- was it David’s when he saw the sets once again and went “Wow!!” like all the memories rushing back in or was it Lisa’s who went for her iconic hehe and then started crying (even her giggle is contagious) or perhaps it was Jen’s, who looked at the two and went straight for the tissue box (so did we).

Secondly, anyone who has seen friends knows this episode was so special to all of us as Courtney quoted, “it will be the last time some asked about this to us as a group, this won’t happen again after another 15 years” and that’s when the nostalgia and the realization really kicked in that this is the last time they are gonna be seen as “The F.R.I.E.N.D.S” gang. Get me the tissue someone, please.

2-Hours that will remain with us for a lifetime

Within these two hours, they gave us the memories that will last a lifetime and I can’t decide which my favorite moment from the episode. For the first time, I realized their struggles and all the moments that were special to us were probably very difficult for them. Especially David Schwimmer, who still holds a grudge against Marcel.

We all related with the characters so hard, we cried with them, we laughed with them, they became our family and as we all say goodbye to friends once again, goodbye to these grownups (besides Joey, he is still the same), I realize this is it, this means it is the end to a wonderful era and now is the time to move on…

And you thought the goodbye that came 17 years ago was difficult one. Bet you didn’t see this one coming and wrecking you did you now.

Just as we all say our last goodbye to the sitcom, let’s look back at the highlights of the almost 2 hours reunion episode.

Everyone is back

For the very last time, we were able to see all the cast, not just the gang but also, Janice, Gunther, The Geller parents, Mr. Heckles, Jill, Rachel’s sister, and even the guy that had identical hands like Joey, Thomas Lennon.

I wish even Ben (Cole Sprouse) and Paul Rudd would have come back to say bye to the gang for the last time. Nevertheless, we were all an emotional trainwreck when the Geller parents said they cared and worried about the gang like their own, and Janice coming back and doing her iconic laugh.

You know we all cried and laughed. They all were an integral part of the show and all of them came back.

The Set and Catching up

Firstly, the cast was shot gossiping and reminiscing about the past while sitting in the different sets of the sitcom. That hit right into the feels.

We got to hear about their bond, their babies loving the show, and some really interesting stories. Be it David’s grudge against Marcel or the story about the little crush someone had.

The chair!!! Matt and Matthew went back to sit on the chair in their apartment. And seeing all of them hanging around in Monica’s apartment brought back memories.

The girls even knew what they were wearing during the first reading. Duh, they sure did!! Them talking about bumping into each other and how the bond still is intact as always.

Friends: Monica's apartment
Monica’s apartment

The Cast re-reading the scenes

The cast enacted some of the popular scenes from the sitcom. My favorite you ask- The one where Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe are in the naked guy’s apartment and Phoebe find out about Monica and Chandler, and what followed was her iconic line, “Oh my eyes. my eyes”.

Lisa still has that Phoebe touch in her it was like re-watching the episode. and then what followed was the screaming and jumping and over-enthusiasm to distract Ross. They really re-enacted that as well.

Even the Ross-Rachel kiss scene in the cafe. The tension, the emotions, and the romance everything hit the mark all over again. And what followed was a epic revelation…

Spill the Tea baby

And then we got to know that Jen and David had a huge crush on each other. Even though the romance never started in the real life it was well presented in all the scenes. And then David asked, how could you not know and then went like oh, we know. This reminded us of the good old times.

What then followed was the sad secrets being revealed.- the anxiety and pressure Matthew felt every time before performing. Even Lisa was like you never told us and that’s the moment we realize that the journey was definitely special but hard as well.

Finally, watching the bts and seeing Matt hurting his shoulder and the pain broke my heart.

The Quiz

I loved the quiz episode and they brought it back. And like always they forgot to call the toss. Followed by Rachel’s letter, 18 pages front and back, that she wrote to Ross was brought back, one word wow!!

And, when asked about CHandler’s job, they remembered the exact way the scene went. Finally, we know that no one knows

It can be concluded that Courteney is certainly as competitive and fierce as Monica while Jen is as hyper as Rachel. They even brought the Identical hand man back!!!!

the quiz from friends

The Director’s Say

The co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane, Kevin S. Bright of Friends came together. They ran us through the whole casting journey and how they made the changes as per the audience’s reactions.

Especially where they had initially thought to make Chandler and Monica have just a fling or a one-night stand. And I was like Noooo!!! They were my favorite couple and it was my wish that they would end up together.

And how the fun they had shooting.

The Fashion Show

Firstly came Cara Delevingne in Rachel’s iconic puffy pink bridesmaid dress. Then second came Cindy Crawford in Ross’ tight leather pants. Followed by Justin Bieber dressed in Ross’ potato outfit and finally Cara again in the Holiday Armadillo.

the friends fashion show

But it was Matt LeBlanc who stole the limelight by wearing all of Chandler’s clothes like that from one of the episodes like could he be wearing any more clothes.

The Highlights

When asked if a Friends movie or a new season could be expected, Lisa quoted, the show ended at a point where everyone got a happy ending so to have something new we first need to unravel the happy ending and why should we do that. Let them have their happy ever after.

This was followed by the gang discussed how no one understood what they were going through besides the other five and that’s why their bond is so special. Then came, the wall where everyone wrote their final goodbye and we saw Matt’s message. “I shit here”- this guy is effortlessly hilarious. And finally, Matt erasing Courtney’s lines from the table after being told to mind his business.

The part where Lisa had a bug in her hair and she acted just like how Phoebe would or she bringing g smelly cat-back(tbh best song ever). One word EPIC.

The Final Goodbye

Finally, As the show reached its finale, the nostalgia was high and then James Corden asked where do they think the characters are in their lives today. Disclaimer: this will definitely make you cry-

  • Rachel- Happily married to Ross and they have kids.
  • Monica- Still fierce and competitive and,
  • Chandler- made sure he still makes Monica laugh every day
  • Phoebe- Happily married and have made a community for kids.
  • Ross- Still a philanthropist (still playing with bones) and;
  • Finally Joey- Opened his sandwich show (I totally see why he cracks up every time on the playing with bones joke)

And this was the end of the Friends era. Our final goodbye!

It’s just an episode they said, it won’t hurt they said. However, what they forgot Friends wasn’t a sitcom it was an emotion.

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