Friends: The one where they got back Together

Dear Friends,

Seventeen years after “The Last One” …
The Friends gang came back after 17 years and it felt like you never left. The bond, the memories (most of them for the cast), the friendship still intact like it was then, or did it flourished even more in all these years? It certainly did.

High on emotions

Firstly, I don’t know who’s emotion I resonated with most- was it David’s when he saw the sets once again and went “Wow!!” like all the memories rushing back in or was it Lisa’s who went for her iconic hehe and then started crying (even her giggle is contagious) or perhaps it was Jen’s, who looked at the two and went straight for the tissue box (so did we).

Secondly, anyone who has seen friends knows this episode was so special to all of us as Courtney quoted, “it will be the last time some asked about this to us as a group, this won’t happen again after another 15 years” and that’s when the nostalgia and the realization really kicked in that this is the last time they are gonna be seen as “The F.R.I.E.N.D.S” gang. Get me the tissue someone, please.

2-Hours that will remain with us for a lifetime

Within these two hours, they gave us the memories that will last a lifetime and I can’t decide which my favorite moment from the episode. For the first time, I realized their struggles and all the moments that were special to us were probably very difficult for them. Especially David Schwimmer, who still holds a grudge against Marcel.

We all related with the characters so hard, we cried with them, we laughed with them, they became our family and as we all say goodbye to friends once again, goodbye to these grownups (besides Joey, he is still the same), I realize this is it, this means it is the end to a wonderful era and now is the time to move on…

And you thought the goodbye that came 17 years ago was difficult one. Bet you didn’t see this one coming and wrecking you did you now.

Just as we all say our last goodbye to the sitcom, let’s look back at the highlights of the almost 2 hours reunion episode.

Everyone is back

For the very last time, we were able to see all the cast, not just the gang but also, Janice, Gunther, The Geller parents, Mr. Heckles, Jill, Rachel’s sister, and even the guy that had identical hands like Joey, Thomas Lennon.

I wish even Ben (Cole Sprouse) and Paul Rudd would have come back to say bye to the gang for the last time. Nevertheless, we were all an emotional trainwreck when the Geller parents said they cared and worried about the gang like their own, and Janice coming back and doing her iconic laugh.

You know we all cried and laughed. They all were an integral part of the show and all of them came back.

The Set and Catching up

Firstly, the cast was shot gossiping and reminiscing about the past while sitting in the different sets of the sitcom. That hit right into the feels.

We got to hear about their bond, their babies loving the show, and some really interesting stories. Be it David’s grudge against Marcel or the story about the little crush someone had.

The chair!!! Matt and Matthew went back to sit on the chair in their apartment. And seeing all of them hanging around in Monica’s apartment brought back memories.

The girls even knew what they were wearing during the first reading. Duh, they sure did!! Them talking about bumping into each other and how the bond still is intact as always.

Friends: Monica's apartment
Monica’s apartment

The Cast re-reading the scenes

The cast enacted some of the popular scenes from the sitcom. My favorite you ask- The one where Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe are in the naked guy’s apartment and Phoebe find out about Monica and Chandler, and what followed was her iconic line, “Oh my eyes. my eyes”.

Lisa still has that Phoebe touch in her it was like re-watching the episode. and then what followed was the screaming and jumping and over-enthusiasm to distract Ross. They really re-enacted that as well.

Even the Ross-Rachel kiss scene in the cafe. The tension, the emotions, and the romance everything hit the mark all over again. And what followed was a epic revelation…

Spill the Tea baby

And then we got to know that Jen and David had a huge crush on each other. Even though the romance never started in the real life it was well presented in all the scenes. And then David asked, how could you not know and then went like oh, we know. This reminded us of the good old times.

What then followed was the sad secrets being revealed.- the anxiety and pressure Matthew felt every time before performing. Even Lisa was like you never told us and that’s the moment we realize that the journey was definitely special but hard as well.

Finally, watching the bts and seeing Matt hurting his shoulder and the pain broke my heart.

The Quiz

I loved the quiz episode and they brought it back. And like always they forgot to call the toss. Followed by Rachel’s letter, 18 pages front and back, that she wrote to Ross was brought back, one word wow!!

And, when asked about CHandler’s job, they remembered the exact way the scene went. Finally, we know that no one knows

It can be concluded that Courteney is certainly as competitive and fierce as Monica while Jen is as hyper as Rachel. They even brought the Identical hand man back!!!!

the quiz from friends

The Director’s Say

The co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane, Kevin S. Bright of Friends came together. They ran us through the whole casting journey and how they made the changes as per the audience’s reactions.

Especially where they had initially thought to make Chandler and Monica have just a fling or a one-night stand. And I was like Noooo!!! They were my favorite couple and it was my wish that they would end up together.

And how the fun they had shooting.

The Fashion Show

Firstly came Cara Delevingne in Rachel’s iconic puffy pink bridesmaid dress. Then second came Cindy Crawford in Ross’ tight leather pants. Followed by Justin Bieber dressed in Ross’ potato outfit and finally Cara again in the Holiday Armadillo.

the friends fashion show

But it was Matt LeBlanc who stole the limelight by wearing all of Chandler’s clothes like that from one of the episodes like could he be wearing any more clothes.

The Highlights

When asked if a Friends movie or a new season could be expected, Lisa quoted, the show ended at a point where everyone got a happy ending so to have something new we first need to unravel the happy ending and why should we do that. Let them have their happy ever after.

This was followed by the gang discussed how no one understood what they were going through besides the other five and that’s why their bond is so special. Then came, the wall where everyone wrote their final goodbye and we saw Matt’s message. “I shit here”- this guy is effortlessly hilarious. And finally, Matt erasing Courtney’s lines from the table after being told to mind his business.

The part where Lisa had a bug in her hair and she acted just like how Phoebe would or she bringing g smelly cat-back(tbh best song ever). One word EPIC.

The Final Goodbye

Finally, As the show reached its finale, the nostalgia was high and then James Corden asked where do they think the characters are in their lives today. Disclaimer: this will definitely make you cry-

  • Rachel- Happily married to Ross and they have kids.
  • Monica- Still fierce and competitive and,
  • Chandler- made sure he still makes Monica laugh every day
  • Phoebe- Happily married and have made a community for kids.
  • Ross- Still a philanthropist (still playing with bones) and;
  • Finally Joey- Opened his sandwich show (I totally see why he cracks up every time on the playing with bones joke)

And this was the end of the Friends era. Our final goodbye!

It’s just an episode they said, it won’t hurt they said. However, what they forgot Friends wasn’t a sitcom it was an emotion.

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Sunderlal Bahuguna: Ecology is the Permanent Economy

Sunderlal bahuguna
Picture credits: Satish Acharya

Childhood has many fascinating stories which are entrenched in our minds & some life lessons that we treasure throughout our lives. Reminiscing the Environment Studies Classes where we used to discuss the importance of ecology; its Conservation and the ill effects of Deforestation; teachings that Plants and Trees are our Companions; A loud recitation of poems — pledging for the conservation of the environment. One such Story drawn from this Pandora box is of Sundarlal Bahuguna’s Chipko movement.

Chipko Movement or Chipko Andolan was started in 1973 in UP’s Chamboli District (now Uttarakhand) by a group of women, it was a nonviolent agitation aimed at protecting the trees. The word Chipko, which means Embrace, saw villagers hugging the trees and encircling them to prevent them from cutting. The idea of – ‘Our lives before the trees’.

Historically speaking the original Chipko Andolan can be traced back to the 18th Century with Rajasthan’s Bishnoi Community. It was led by Amrita Devi and a group of villagers who laid down their lives while protecting the trees from being felled down on the orders of the King of Jodhpur. It was only after this incident the king banned the cutting down of trees in all the Bishnoi Village.

Under Sundarlal Bahuguna, the Chipko Movement gained momentum. He was an Eco activist and spent his life educating the villagers to protest against the destruction of the forests and the Himalayan Mountains. It was his efforts that the movement got huge support from the masses and eventually made the then PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi put a ban on cutting the trees. The ban was subsequently implemented in other parts of the country.

Bahuguna was a charismatic leader who lived an ascetic life and was an ardent follower of the Gandhian Principles. In 2009, he was awarded the Padma Vibhushan Award by GOI for his environmental conservation. Dwelling in Big cities and Multi floored houses we hardly get a chance to know about the natural habitat. In the name of Development and Urbanization, we have distanced ourselves from nature. It seems that our Early live teaching has no significance if we are not practicing it in REAL.

For us, the best way to secure Bahuguna’s vision will be when we as a youth will engage ourselves in embracing the challenges of protecting our Flora and Fauna.

Fear of getting Attached

Sometimes you invest a lot of your time in people. You put in your all just to try and ensure their happiness.

But you know what?

People change. Just like seasons. They are complex and they leave without even saying goodbye.

I wonder why can’t people be consistent?

One day you are important to someone and the very next moment as you know they move on like you never mattered. They are sweet to you until they get what they want and what follows is a bitter goodbye and sometimes not even that.
I just don’t get it how can someone promise you a lifetime in one moment and in another act like a stranger, like no promises were ever made.
They love you one day and the next, they stop talking abruptly and just like that stop caring.

I have experienced people changing when their purpose, desires and orders are not fulfilled.

No, I’m not just talking about romantic relationships but the person could also be a friend or a relative.

I believe that our generation is insecure and afraid of being replaced easily, of being hurt, and of showing affection to others just because of this inconsistency of others.

Thanks to these experiences we all have trust issues and this generation has become cold and distant. We require a lot of reassurance when we are around others, we struggle with transitions, we start running away from people, we avoid attachments, and we fear getting close to others.

But guess what?
You just need to find your people, who are consistent with their effort and always show how much they care about you. Even after they’ve gotten to know you well, they keep assuring you that they won’t leave you no matter what, and they’ve proven it through your journey. They are the ones who love you unconditionally. They are the ones you should never, ever let go of.

Because it is rightly said –
“Fears may come. You may drown, but the belief that the hand is always there for you, makes you to get triumph over your fears.”

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My Pride and Your Prejudice

The reference of this blog has been taken from a classic of a somewhat similar name, “Pride and Prejudice”, a book known to be way ahead of its time in terms of strong portray of the female characterization. It did not just show that women can be bold and smart but also flawed and somewhat judgmental.

And it’s been years after the release of this classic and one can’t say the bold and smart archetype still fits the definition of the “ideal women” for our society. It would be folly to expect strong independent women to be the basic norm for women in a society where our own ministers ridicule women for wearing torn jeans, where women are still schooled and slut-shamed for their clothes, where they belong in the four walls of a kitchen, and where marital rape is not considered a crime.

I partially agree with the statement, women do belong within the four walls; the four walls of a corner side cabin with a CEO tag on it, the four walls of a classroom, and even the four walls of a presidential room, and before you think I’m referring to Kamala Harris, let me clarify that I’m referring to former Indian President Pratibha Patil.

Hope you aren’t too quick to label me as a feminist because this is something our society is very good at-Labeling. If you don’t fit into the perfect mold then you are a slut, bad girl, rebel, or in short a feminist. A word that was meant to empower is, is actually being used to shame and shut us down.

But the thing is this society openly favors men over women but still somehow manages to turn a blind eye to crime against men as well. Looks like this society is somehow ruthless to us all but then aren’t we who make up this society. But like you all I just can’t pretend that there aren’t any male abuse/rape victims or that our society’s promotion of toxic masculinity isn’t a problem. Every time a man is told to not be like a girl or sissy I wonder what is so wrong in being like women. Also, I can’t help but admire the male feminists who are still fighting for our rights. Kudos to you all. You really are among the rarest.

Feminism—despite the fact that the term itself wields much too much power—has been butchered once again by our culture. Disappointed, but not surprised. It was supposed to inspire us, but now it’s being used to mock or taunt us, and that, my friend, is the truth of our culture.

Growing up, the only thing I ever learned was that I will never be the family bread earner, so don’t put any pressure on yourself; instead, learn how to make round rotis. And the issue isn’t why I can’t contribute to general expenses; it’s why I’m not required to. I’ve been told that getting married is the greatest goal of my life, rather than conquering the entire universe.

We not only do not teach our daughters to be optimistic, but we also criticize them for even having a dream. Indra Nooyi would not be as good if she believed that her only true passion was to marry, and to someone wealthy and decent, if I may say so.

But the thing is we are preaching equality but are we really equals? Do we actually put in the efforts to be equal counterparts with the other gender? Ask yourself- how many of you know how to do your finance? Do you even know how to open a bank account or anything about taxes at all? I bet half of us don’t but men sure do or at least know how to do some jugaad and figure out a way around these questions.

So, the next question becomes then why can’t we? The finance side is known as a man’s job but why. You probably have heard quite a handful of women tell you to be financially independent but has anyone ever told you that it doesn’t specifically mean to earn a living but also includes managing your finance and who is gonna learn that, me? Yes me and you, both because that’s how you get independent.

Have a steady stream of income so that if you do find yourself in a situation like this, you can walk out of a toxic home and be on your own without hesitation. But what do we do? Judge and belittle each other. That won’t work boo we need to spice it up a little around her.

Support and teach one another, and above all, learn to stand up for yourself. And if that makes you a bad bitch (ps. That’s borderline disrespectful), so be it. I will wear this tag as armor. I can assure you that being a bad bitch is always preferable to being a basic bitch. I’m not going to finish this article on a bright note because there’s still a long way to go, but I do know that the darkest hour comes before the dawn.

The World’s Most Intractable Conflict

The World’s most Intractable conflict


History has been a testament to the fact that Land has always been a reason for strife.
Even after years of statehood provided to Israel, the Middle East has shown no sign of Peace.
The anger and dispute involved in the war have proved to be benefitting none and have only resulted in the loss of lives of the civilians who have been dwelling there. The question which triggers the civilians is when this bloodshed will continue?


The 1897 Zionist Movement started by Jews to establish their state in their ancestral homeland, led to their settlement in Palestine in large numbers.Further the balfour Declaration led to the establishment of the Jewish Homeland. It was only during 1930’s the rise of Nazi in Germany led to increased influx of Jews.

This was seen by the Arabs as a threat to their homeland and hence continued a series of long wars between Isreal and the Arab Countries in which Isreal emerged victoriously. This marked the Expansionist policy of Israel and the beginning of Palestine’s refugee crisis which led to the creation of PLO in 1964.

In between these incidents we saw the rise of two groups: Hamas and the Fatah. Hamas (Islamist Militant Group) rose for the liberation of Palestine and it did not recognize Isreal as a State, supported by Iran and Syria. It controls Gaza. Fatah was a faction of the PLO and was supported by the Western Nations. It controls West Bank.


It was only in 1987 the two nations witnessed the Uprisings (First Intifada) as Israel increased its settlement on West Bank and Gaza, which was followed by the Oslo Peace accord mediated by the US & Russia which based the concept of two-state nations and led PLO to recognized Israel and Israel giving Independence to the occupied territories of Palestine.

But afterward, the talks failed and this gave rise to the 2nd Uprisings in the 2000s which were more violent and killed many civilians. After this Israel planned unilateral disarmament and forces was withdrawn from Gaza and Northern Western Bank. However, during the Oslo Peace Accord tensions were seen between Hamas and the Fatah for the political power. On the one side where Fatah Accepted the Peace accord, Hamas did not accept the same.

US and Jerusalem

Now, many have talked about the significant role of the US in facilitating the talks and the importance of Jerusalem. Palestine has always questioned the credibility of the US as a mediator and also the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation has criticized the US for vetoing most of the Security Council decisions which are critical of Israel. Further Trump regime saw more inclination towards Israel.

The importance of Jerusalem can be seen as it straddles between the borders of Israel and the West bank. It is the center of the holiest sites of both Judaism and Islam which makes it important for both the nation demanding it to be under their respective control.

International Response

The newly appointed American President decided to take a diplomatic approach to the situation and has decided to stick to a time-worn US playbook despite pressure from progressive Democrats for a tougher line toward Israel and from America’s allies for a more active role to end the violence.

While American senator Andrew Yang tweeted and openly voiced his support to Israel and even categorized Palestine as terrorists. Didn’t know fighting for your land makes one a terrorist and looks like the citizens agreed to and hence what followed was a series of tweets informing him how to differentiate between terrorists and people fighting for a cause.
The same enthusiasm and support were shown by the people of France in rallies supporting Palestine but it looks like the French government wasn’t feeling it and decided to ban any protests in support of Palestine.

While Russia went a step ahead and President Vladimir Putin warned that the current escalation between Israel and Palestine poses a direct threat to Russia’s security. And warned Israel of war if the indiscriminate killing of Gaza civilians is not stopped.

India’s response

And as for India, the country known for condemning terrorism voiced its support in favor of Palestine in what could be termed as a politically correct statement.

T.S. Tirumurti, India’s Permanent Representative to the UN said: “In conclusion, India reiterates its strong support for the just Palestinian cause and its unwavering commitment to the two-state solution.”

Even though he reaffirmed its support for Palestine, he stopped short of making any direct reference to the status of Jerusalem or the future Israel-Palestine borders. A diplomatic approach to save the Indian-Israeli trade relationship while keeping its image intact.

Sign of Hope

As it is very clear that the discord has time and again brought tension in the region along with mass destruction and loss of lives. The long-term peace process can only be a viable option left and it is time for all the international community to come forward and find a just and peaceful solution for this intractable conflict.

These heart-wrenching quotes and pictures tell us the horrific stories of Palestine as it burns.

Friends: The Reunion

One of the shows, whose popularity spread like wildfire, Friends, has somehow retained its popularity and relevance even though the last episode was aired 17 years ago. As we all gear up for a reunion of our beloved friends, let’s look back at the relevance of this classic in our lives to date.

Let’s begin with a question, why would we as a viewer want to stream a sitcom that first aired more than 25 years ago about a bunch of 20-somethings sitting in a coffee shop? The show highlights the struggles, relationships, and adulthood of our twenties in a humorous way. This is a period wherein there is a lot of uncertainty and instability on both professional and personal levels. You are still trying to find your special someone in the messy dating pool and struggling to settle down in your chosen careers. Even though one has begun the adulthood chapter in our life but we still haven’t fully grasped its meaning and miss the good old days, the fun, and the simplicity.

And a sitcom about this “emerging adulthood” was bound to be popular in an era that didn’t focus on this period before but what is it actually that keeps the fan following going even today?

The sitcom began by showing Rachel rejecting the certainty of a stable marriage and saying quote, “what if I don’t wanna be a shoe, what if I wanna be a purse or a hat” instead of choosing the uncertainty and adventure of a fulfilling career and rightly welcomed by Monica with the most iconic line of all time and the bitter truth, “Welcome to the real world, it sucks!!”. We all live a sheltered life as kids but once adulthood hits us we need to start making decisions that are good for us and take reigns from our parents and do our best to find out who we really are.

Ross struggling in his marriage even though he is successful in a career that he is passionate about. Shows us that struggles of achieving a balance between a career and a strong and happy marriage might not be as easy as what our parents and movies depicted after all. Phoebe is tagged as weird because of her unconventional choices and Chandler is tagged as insensitive, someone who masks trauma with his sarcasm but then aren’t we all somewhat like these two. We are weird in our own little ways and who is the society to decide what is normal and what is not and why is weird looked down upon. I think I have masked my disapproval, insecurity, and hurt behind sarcasm way too many times to not be able to relate with Chandler.

 This is a period of adventure and playfulness in our life but it also is a period of instability, anxiety, and insecurity, a period of a failed relationships, career setbacks, and uncertainty about the future. Rachel was stuck in a waitress job before finding her calling, Monica does any job remotely related to her interest while chasing financial stability as a chef, let’s not forget Joey, the original McDreamy if I may say, struggling as an aspiring actor. Only Ross among the group has a job that he is passionate about but is teased for his interests and this reminds us of the unrealistic expectation/standard that our society levies on us to either opt for a mainstream career or be tagged as a failure.

Among all these struggles, failed relationships, and setbacks their friendship creates a safe haven of stability in otherwise uncertain lives where romantic relationships fail, families are dysfunctional and career trajectories are uncertain, friendship becomes the most stable and important value in our lives. And this is what Friends taught us that to make it through in life we need a good group of friends and a little bit of humor. And this is why it is popular among today’s youth as well.

As a generation, we are told that we are at the liberty to choose to be anything but we are struggling to find our niche, finding our purpose, and decide whether to chase financial stability or follow our passion. The show depicts a shift in the work culture as well and our current day work culture is marked by chasing our dreams, startups, freelancing, and temporary jobs this gives us a lot more choices but it comes with a cost but so does everything.

A financially stable job might not be that fulfilling either. Even though it makes sure that the green bucks keep coming but it can still utterly depressing and unsatisfying. This can be seen as Chandler’s character struggles with his financial stable but an unsatisfying job. He always comments on how bad his job is and nobody actually likes their job but that isn’t true.

Sadly, we all do believe that. Do what you are good at and not what you wanna do because the struggle is what we don’t like. But we forget there is a charm in struggling for something that we truly want and following our dreams is always somehow more satisfying than stability. And this can be seen in the final season as everyone is finally established in their dreamt career, even Chandler decides to make a shift in his career and do something that he actually genuinely likes.

Friends argue that following passion might be tough but in the end, it will be worth it. A large percentage of the audience has the same uncertainty and struggles as the characters on the show 20 years ago. Somehow Friends, is able to make us feel as watching them is like hanging out with our friends and that feeling of warmth and comfort is what makes this show popular even today. Just like the characters are there for each other when their lives become overwhelming they are there for us as well, to comfort us, make us laugh and sometimes even cry.

A Serendipitous Encounter

You need someone with whom you can share your deepest secrets.

Someone who knows you better than you know yourself. With whom you can share your successes and failures. Someone who can tell if something is wrong with you just by listening to your voice.

Someone who won’t let you settle for everything easily in life. Someone who motivates and inspires you to improve on a regular basis. Someone to whom you can ask for a thousand favors without thinking to return anything.

Someone who is willing to listen to you without passing judgment. Someone who doesn’t shrug it away by telling you to “Stop being a baby” or comment something that makes you always feel wrong.

Someone who believes in you and never gives up on you. Someone who is consistent with you and never avoids you for the sake of others.

Most importantly, someone in front of whom you can cry your heart out. Someone who can help you in figuring out the things when you’re confused.

That person does not have to be your partner, but he or she can be your friend.

Oscars: The Controversial Knight

From Dolby Theater to Union Station and being late by 2 months, the speculations around Oscars this year were high and it can rightly be tagged as one of the most anticipated events of 2021 by far. With COVID-19 norms in place, there was a limit on the number of attendees. Unlike previous years, there wasn’t a traditional audience, although there was an attempt to host a red carpet show and nominees attending the event in person. Let’s see some of the highlights that left people talking after the end of the Oscars.

The political Start to a controversial event:-

Hollywood left no time in taking its stand on Police brutality and racial discrimination. Regina King opened the show with an impactful statement on the Derek Chauvin verdict and left no room for speculation that people of color are not afraid to take a stand against discrimination and won’t just continue suffering because it has been convenient to the white supremacists. 

“I have to be honest if things had gone differently this past week in Minneapolis; I might have traded in my heels for marching boots,” and we all probably would have shared the same sentiment as well and surely was applauded for it by the audience.

The sentiments was also shared by Tyler Perry in his beautiful speech for Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award wherein he urged the global audience to refus hate.

The Golden opportunity to show support to people of color:-

For the first in the history of Oscars, there were people of color in all the big four prestigious categories of the night, namely- Best Director(Chloe Zhao), Best Actor in a Leading Role(Chadwick Boseman), and Best Actress in a Leading Role(Viola Davis), Best Supporting Actress(Youn Yuh-Jung). The Academy had the chance to voice their solidarity to the cause or in business terms to gain high ratings and make a marketing impact on people by voicing their support.

And to top it, all three of them actually looked like they had a good chance to win, so that meant that all the Academy committee had to do was vote for them and no one would have actually questioned the decision. It even looked like the case when the Best leading Actor award was shifted to the very end of the night.  Rather they actually proved that there is a reason why they have been tagged as #OscarsSoWhite. All this free publicity and emotions around this topic and they still decided to defend their supremacy.

The change in the order for presenting the award:-

The show almost always opens with one of the Supporting Actor/Actress awards. It is fairly unpredictable from there for most of the show, but, traditionally speaking, we know the big four awards close the night. Best Picture is the last award, and it is preceded by some combination of Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Director. When the 93rd Academy Awards handed out the Oscar for Best Picture with two more categories still to come, many viewers were left scratching their heads.

But the common deductive was that probably the Best Leading Actor awarded was going to be presented to Chadwick Boseman for Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom and the Academy wanted to give an emotional end to the spectacular evening high on social issues. Seemed strategical but then the award was presented to Anthony Hopkins, who wasn’t even present at the event, and this left the views confused as to why the Academy opted for such an abrupt and anticlimactic end. And as Jimmy Kimmel reported that apparently, Anthony Hopkins was asleep when he won and rightly joked that it isn’t a great sign for a network television when they say, “hey Anothy, you might win today and he says I will watch it tomorrow on Youtube”. This practically summarizes what went down.

The In- Memoriam flak:-

In a year filled with loss, the Oscars rushed through its “In Memoriam” segment, cycling through names accompanied by an upbeat cover of Stevie Wonder’s “As.” And were criticized for missing some major names in the category and the time distribution that was matched to the beats of the song was under scrutiny. Most notably, the show did not include Oscar nominee Adam Schlesinger, the late songwriter who died of COVID-19 on April 1, 2020. Along with Schlesinger, the segment’s notable snubs included Jessica Walter, the late Arrested Development star who also had a decorated list of film credits.

Naya Rivera, the late Glee star, and Nick Cordero, the Broadway actor who died after a long bout of COVID-19 — both of whom had worked in film — were also left out. As for Naya Rivera, the Academy claimed that they only honor the actors that are in the film industry, and the television industry wasn’t included and as if the Academy was short on criticism this statement added fuel to the fire.

From revisiting the theme of injecting politics into the broadcast, asking controversial and rude questions to the Best Supporting Actress to failed strategical marketing the night came to an end but the question remained- when will the sentiment of white supremacy that was clearly being defended by the so-called traditional Academy committee come to an end.

Pride and Prejudice

“There are few people whom I really love, and still fewer of whom I think well. The more I see of the world, the more am I dissatisfied with it; and every day confirms my belief of the inconsistency of all human characters, and of the little dependence that can be placed on the appearance of merit or sense.”

Genre: Romance Fiction

Author: Jane Austen

Year of Publish: 1813

“Who made you fall in love with literature? Was it Charlotte Bronte, Thomas Hardy or Jane Austen?”- Christian Grey. I guess I made my choice ages ago when I first picked Pride and Prejudice. Even the name in itself made me curious about the wonders that it was going to unfold for me. This book has been with me for ages now and each time I decide to reach for it again, the story somehow seems to be different from the last time. As a kid, I simply tagged it as a love story where love found its way to bring closer two opposite people and entangle their lives together in a way that they were bound to be together. I didn’t grasp that the basic narration was something way beyond the mere tag of fantasy that I placed on it.

Years later I had the chance to re-encounter the old friend but this time as a movie adaption of the book with the beautiful Keira Knightley in it and as a teen undoubtedly it was the movie that reminded me of love but oddly made me aware of the social backdrop in which the narration was set.  The strength in the character of Elizabeth Bennet was so astounding. The portrayal of different layers of characteristics of women made me realize that I have probably encountered such traits and ways of thinking in women around me. That depiction was not just simply the art of fiction but a page taken out from the daily lives of the women in our society. The realism this time that hit me was different. Also, I noticed that Elizabeth was strong but flawed at the same time. She did have her pride and prejudice against Darcy till the end and the fact that only when she was able to see past it all was the moment she realized that she is madly and completely in love with him. Just the fact that the protagonist of the novel is strong but vulnerable, smart yet so flawed.  Unlike the lead characters that we are used to seeing in the movies, the perfect human being, this imperfection felt like a breath of fresh air.

Fast forward to the present me, re-reading the novel after the last encounter and I just realized that yet again a character seemed strangely different. This time it was the character narration of Darcy, who seemed as the arrogant but shy prince charming by me all along. The knight and shining armor saving the day in the end and made the strong-headed Elizabeth fall in love with him through his persistence. Honestly, the character sketch that I just presented is flawed in way more ways than the character actually in itself. He was more of an awkward nerd really than a strong prince charming and it was funny just how uncomfortable he could be in just about any situation (something I guess I strongly relate to). But most importantly he was privileged and obnoxious, two words that he probably never had heard of, being the desirable bachelor he was. Elizabeth made him realize that this privilege comes with responsibility and the selfless nature of true love. Darcy made the efforts to move past the toxic masculinity that our society till date preaches and used his privilege to tackle a difficult situation not becomes he wanted to impress a woman rather he felt responsible for the situation in the first place. He knew he could have avoided the situation from becoming that bad and felt responsible. To think he saw past the privilege and the prejudices that came with it is what made Elizabeth change her mind. She never fell in love with the Darcy she initially met but with Darcy that by the end of the story was altogether a different person and that is some amazing character development right there my friend.

The simple love story to a child was way more complex to the adult but then that is love isn’t it. This novel became the perfect example for many things for me but most importantly it taught me the lesson- that as we grow our perception toward things and situations changes and that is okay. That’s what growing is all about- change.

The Theory of Why

Just a quick disclaimer before I start that this write-up isn’t in any way going to be related to a newfound physics theory or anything, rather about a small realization that I came to while having one of those random lunch conversations with my mum, you know the one that we don’t remember where it begins from but definitely would remember where it ended. So, we were having this discussion about a random topic and she just stopped midway probably annoyed by my questions, and looked at me and asked me why you are such pessimistic? Why do you have to question everything? Why can’t you just take things as it is? Why there have to be more than there is? And my reply was simple why one shouldn’t question if one can’t understand the logic behind something and she quickly replied because I said so. Any guesses to my reply. Simple one- because it is stupid to just accept something because someone said so and that became the foundation of the “theory of why”.

That day I learned the culture of following instructions has been hammered down in their brains so rigorously that they so brilliantly that they casually mute our questioning and opinions out and when we make sure our voices are heard they categorize us as rebels. Historically speaking, every new generation is on a different track than its predecessor, strike that we all are on different tracks and we are just wired to different interpretations of the era that we all share. Let’s talk small first. How many of us on our first day of the job or a new class has heard the superior or teacher say feel free to ask questions. Probably all of us and then how many of you have been shamed or looked down upon when you really asked a question. If I know that to get the answer to a small question I would have to answer ten different questions before they finally decide if I am worthy of getting an answer then why would I ask a question in the first place. Haven’t you been asked by your senior-“why can’t you just follow the instructions?” Well, because I do understand the instructions but I don’t get the logic behind them. How is this procedure going to get the optimal results or maybe because I was curious and wanted to know more but I guess our job is to follow instructions. And then we all wonder from where did this instruction following, just memorizing the information attitude came from. Well there is no incentive in it and hence even we would discard it at some point, isn’t it?

Now let’s talk about it in a broader sense. The white privilege, we all knew that existed but we didn’t really do anything about it until recently. The question is why and the answer is as small as the question in itself because it was convenient. This sentiment certainly doesn’t resonate with our generation anymore. The “Black Life Matters” movement/protest was started because it was getting way too convenient for people/ police to disregard one particular section of society. And to think Daunte Wright, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others had to lose their life to make sure it didn’t felt convenient anymore to us is just straight out horrific. For the first time, people used this ‘privilege’ of theirs to make a difference in the lives of others and isn’t this what privilege is all about. Privilege is an advantage and a responsibility to empower others. And the youth today are enlightened enough or shall I say woke to make sure they don’t just look for what’s convenient for them and look away from the sufferings of others rather empathize and voice their concerns. The shift from indifference to empathy needs to be recognized and applauded.

And this isn’t the only issue our generation has voiced but certainly, the fact they questioned a rigid system of thinking and did something at all is what is amazing. And this statement makes us wonder if we have set our standards way too low at this point or what. This isn’t a fight with our predecessors and our goal isn’t to prove them wrong rather the goal is to show that we are a generation that has the privilege of options, and the freedom to choose from those options. It is important we challenge the traditional ways of doing things and ask questions. I think in order to grow we need to acknowledge the harsh reality and make amends to it and to do so we need to question the reality and society we chose to live in. Why are we doing this? Is there any other alternative? If we can’t agree then can we co-exist in harmony? This battle is against the rigid thinking process and our inability or unwillingness to ask difficult questions. The Theory of Why is about question everything that has been accepted just for the sake of convenience and adopting a new mental framework that helps in refining ourselves.