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My Pride and Your Prejudice

We live in a society that still schools women on their clothing choice but the minister that openly questioned a women’s upbringing and her ability to raise a kid because of a distressed jeans gets only a light slap on his wrist.
You say this society favors men over women but have you heard any crime against men ever. So is it that they don’t exist or that they are not reported?
Why is it that every time your prejudices slaughter my pride and I am mocked if I raise my voice against it.
But then am I doing my part or is it just a shallow preach for equality?

The World’s Most Intractable Conflict

As of now both Israel and Hamas have agreed to cease-fire mediated by Egypt after days of fighting. Can this be called the end of the conflict or is it merely the silence before the storm? The innocent citizens are begging for a solution that won’t come until the UN doesn’t take their responsibility seriously or the strong nations that dominate the world would entail themselves in this issue and meditate to help and not dominate and profit from the weak.