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Friends: The one where they got back Together

Dear Friends,

Seventeen years after “The Last One” …
The Friends gang came back after 17 years and it felt like you never left. The bond, the memories (most of them for the cast), the friendship still intact like it was then, or did it flourished even more in all these years? It certainly did.

High on emotions

Firstly, I don’t know who’s emotion I resonated with most- was it David’s when he saw the sets once again and went “Wow!!” like all the memories rushing back in or was it Lisa’s who went for her iconic hehe and then started crying (even her giggle is contagious) or perhaps it was Jen’s, who looked at the two and went straight for the tissue box (so did we).

Secondly, anyone who has seen friends knows this episode was so special to all of us as Courtney quoted, “it will be the last time some asked about this to us as a group, this won’t happen again after another 15 years” and that’s when the nostalgia and the realization really kicked in that this is the last time they are gonna be seen as “The F.R.I.E.N.D.S” gang. Get me the tissue someone, please.

2-Hours that will remain with us for a lifetime

Within these two hours, they gave us the memories that will last a lifetime and I can’t decide which my favorite moment from the episode. For the first time, I realized their struggles and all the moments that were special to us were probably very difficult for them. Especially David Schwimmer, who still holds a grudge against Marcel.

We all related with the characters so hard, we cried with them, we laughed with them, they became our family and as we all say goodbye to friends once again, goodbye to these grownups (besides Joey, he is still the same), I realize this is it, this means it is the end to a wonderful era and now is the time to move on…

And you thought the goodbye that came 17 years ago was difficult one. Bet you didn’t see this one coming and wrecking you did you now.

Just as we all say our last goodbye to the sitcom, let’s look back at the highlights of the almost 2 hours reunion episode.

Everyone is back

For the very last time, we were able to see all the cast, not just the gang but also, Janice, Gunther, The Geller parents, Mr. Heckles, Jill, Rachel’s sister, and even the guy that had identical hands like Joey, Thomas Lennon.

I wish even Ben (Cole Sprouse) and Paul Rudd would have come back to say bye to the gang for the last time. Nevertheless, we were all an emotional trainwreck when the Geller parents said they cared and worried about the gang like their own, and Janice coming back and doing her iconic laugh.

You know we all cried and laughed. They all were an integral part of the show and all of them came back.

The Set and Catching up

Firstly, the cast was shot gossiping and reminiscing about the past while sitting in the different sets of the sitcom. That hit right into the feels.

We got to hear about their bond, their babies loving the show, and some really interesting stories. Be it David’s grudge against Marcel or the story about the little crush someone had.

The chair!!! Matt and Matthew went back to sit on the chair in their apartment. And seeing all of them hanging around in Monica’s apartment brought back memories.

The girls even knew what they were wearing during the first reading. Duh, they sure did!! Them talking about bumping into each other and how the bond still is intact as always.

Friends: Monica's apartment
Monica’s apartment

The Cast re-reading the scenes

The cast enacted some of the popular scenes from the sitcom. My favorite you ask- The one where Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe are in the naked guy’s apartment and Phoebe find out about Monica and Chandler, and what followed was her iconic line, “Oh my eyes. my eyes”.

Lisa still has that Phoebe touch in her it was like re-watching the episode. and then what followed was the screaming and jumping and over-enthusiasm to distract Ross. They really re-enacted that as well.

Even the Ross-Rachel kiss scene in the cafe. The tension, the emotions, and the romance everything hit the mark all over again. And what followed was a epic revelation…

Spill the Tea baby

And then we got to know that Jen and David had a huge crush on each other. Even though the romance never started in the real life it was well presented in all the scenes. And then David asked, how could you not know and then went like oh, we know. This reminded us of the good old times.

What then followed was the sad secrets being revealed.- the anxiety and pressure Matthew felt every time before performing. Even Lisa was like you never told us and that’s the moment we realize that the journey was definitely special but hard as well.

Finally, watching the bts and seeing Matt hurting his shoulder and the pain broke my heart.

The Quiz

I loved the quiz episode and they brought it back. And like always they forgot to call the toss. Followed by Rachel’s letter, 18 pages front and back, that she wrote to Ross was brought back, one word wow!!

And, when asked about CHandler’s job, they remembered the exact way the scene went. Finally, we know that no one knows

It can be concluded that Courteney is certainly as competitive and fierce as Monica while Jen is as hyper as Rachel. They even brought the Identical hand man back!!!!

the quiz from friends

The Director’s Say

The co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane, Kevin S. Bright of Friends came together. They ran us through the whole casting journey and how they made the changes as per the audience’s reactions.

Especially where they had initially thought to make Chandler and Monica have just a fling or a one-night stand. And I was like Noooo!!! They were my favorite couple and it was my wish that they would end up together.

And how the fun they had shooting.

The Fashion Show

Firstly came Cara Delevingne in Rachel’s iconic puffy pink bridesmaid dress. Then second came Cindy Crawford in Ross’ tight leather pants. Followed by Justin Bieber dressed in Ross’ potato outfit and finally Cara again in the Holiday Armadillo.

the friends fashion show

But it was Matt LeBlanc who stole the limelight by wearing all of Chandler’s clothes like that from one of the episodes like could he be wearing any more clothes.

The Highlights

When asked if a Friends movie or a new season could be expected, Lisa quoted, the show ended at a point where everyone got a happy ending so to have something new we first need to unravel the happy ending and why should we do that. Let them have their happy ever after.

This was followed by the gang discussed how no one understood what they were going through besides the other five and that’s why their bond is so special. Then came, the wall where everyone wrote their final goodbye and we saw Matt’s message. “I shit here”- this guy is effortlessly hilarious. And finally, Matt erasing Courtney’s lines from the table after being told to mind his business.

The part where Lisa had a bug in her hair and she acted just like how Phoebe would or she bringing g smelly cat-back(tbh best song ever). One word EPIC.

The Final Goodbye

Finally, As the show reached its finale, the nostalgia was high and then James Corden asked where do they think the characters are in their lives today. Disclaimer: this will definitely make you cry-

  • Rachel- Happily married to Ross and they have kids.
  • Monica- Still fierce and competitive and,
  • Chandler- made sure he still makes Monica laugh every day
  • Phoebe- Happily married and have made a community for kids.
  • Ross- Still a philanthropist (still playing with bones) and;
  • Finally Joey- Opened his sandwich show (I totally see why he cracks up every time on the playing with bones joke)

And this was the end of the Friends era. Our final goodbye!

It’s just an episode they said, it won’t hurt they said. However, what they forgot Friends wasn’t a sitcom it was an emotion.

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