From the Eyes of an Introvert

The cheerful one, the bouncy ball of the lot, the one who is easy to love; the extrovert. They are always full of energy and never shy away from being the center of attraction. Yeah, they sure are cute. And then there is the quiet and shy one waiting to be adored in a corner, not too much attention, just a little bit; the introvert, the one waiting to be adopted by an extrovert.

The puffballs full of energy are always the more loved ones as they simply leave a better impact in a short while. Introverts really at times can be hard. They take their time to open up and show their true selves. And that is why at times they are considered arrogant or a brooder.

As an introvert myself, I have time and again heard people that aren’t close to me complain about how quiet I am but the people who know me call me noisy. So, which one it is?

To be honest, both are two different sides of my personality. Me being an introvert has no impact on my communication skills rather it is more like my will to initiate the conversation. Introverts take their sweet time to open and get comfortable around people but once they do, they too can be the life of the party but just prefer not to because too much attention makes them exhausted. Let’s just let the extrovert have their share of fun.

An introvert’s source of energy isn’t people rather it comes from within. And I know if I say it comes from books, it might hold true in my case but not in everyone’s and that is one thing I hate about this introvert v/s extrovert debate, they tend to stereotype you.

I being an introvert is my part of my personality, my personality trait to be exact, it might influence my behavior but that isn’t who I am. That’s not who I am as an individual, there is more to me than being an introvert.

I can lead a conversation, give a presentation in a room full of people and yet turn to books or even binge-watch Gossip Girl to replenish my energy.

Can we next break the myth that introverts are better observers and are the best people to have a one-on-one conversation with? Extroverts are generally so full-on energy that they might miss some points in their excitement. Absolutely agreed.

There might be a chance that may happen but then there is also a possibility that it might not. Just because they are surrounded by people doesn’t mean they cannot sit down and have a heart-to-heart with you. To do this you need emotional understanding and the power to listen to others. And sorry to break it to you in my eyes it has nothing to do with us being an introvert or an extrovert.

You know in the same way, introverts sometimes can be very detached from people and might not really be observing others at all and hence miss to notice some serious signs. Calmness doesn’t equal good observers. One just needs to make sure they are actually looking and not just seeing others in order to be called good observers.

The coin really flips both ways. Extroverts aren’t always superficial and introverts aren’t always loners.

Introverts surely find solace in solitude but that doesn’t mean we want to be alone always. Sometimes, we just are waiting for the right extrovert to come our way and adopt us and then complain they create a monster. Exactly, they created one hehe let’s keep this as our little secret.

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