How far is far Enough?

How far is far enough? I ask every time I wake up and make my way towards a life that I despise. How long am I supposed to endure this monotonous routine in order to make past the no judgment mark when I quit.

When will that day come, when I will be happy to start my day and do stuff that makes me happy. The day when you won’t call me a loser for quitting.

When will you understand that I didn’t quit, I let go of the thing that pierced me every day while you expected me to put on a smile and greet you good morning like I am not dying every day inside.

Is it okay to give up? Maybe no. But letting go is okay right. They sound the same but one is less prejudiced than the other, won’t you say?

And the latter is what I am doing. So, when will you understand and respect me for my failures and just stop JUDGING me?

#notacoward #lettinggo #judgments #vulnerability

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