My Pride and Your Prejudice

The reference of this blog has been taken from a classic of a somewhat similar name, “Pride and Prejudice”, a book known to be way ahead of its time in terms of strong portray of the female characterization. It did not just show that women can be bold and smart but also flawed and somewhat judgmental.

And it’s been years after the release of this classic and one can’t say the bold and smart archetype still fits the definition of the “ideal women” for our society. It would be folly to expect strong independent women to be the basic norm for women in a society where our own ministers ridicule women for wearing torn jeans, where women are still schooled and slut-shamed for their clothes, where they belong in the four walls of a kitchen, and where marital rape is not considered a crime.

I partially agree with the statement, women do belong within the four walls; the four walls of a corner side cabin with a CEO tag on it, the four walls of a classroom, and even the four walls of a presidential room, and before you think I’m referring to Kamala Harris, let me clarify that I’m referring to former Indian President Pratibha Patil.

Hope you aren’t too quick to label me as a feminist because this is something our society is very good at-Labeling. If you don’t fit into the perfect mold then you are a slut, bad girl, rebel, or in short a feminist. A word that was meant to empower is, is actually being used to shame and shut us down.

But the thing is this society openly favors men over women but still somehow manages to turn a blind eye to crime against men as well. Looks like this society is somehow ruthless to us all but then aren’t we who make up this society. But like you all I just can’t pretend that there aren’t any male abuse/rape victims or that our society’s promotion of toxic masculinity isn’t a problem. Every time a man is told to not be like a girl or sissy I wonder what is so wrong in being like women. Also, I can’t help but admire the male feminists who are still fighting for our rights. Kudos to you all. You really are among the rarest.

Feminism—despite the fact that the term itself wields much too much power—has been butchered once again by our culture. Disappointed, but not surprised. It was supposed to inspire us, but now it’s being used to mock or taunt us, and that, my friend, is the truth of our culture.

Growing up, the only thing I ever learned was that I will never be the family bread earner, so don’t put any pressure on yourself; instead, learn how to make round rotis. And the issue isn’t why I can’t contribute to general expenses; it’s why I’m not required to. I’ve been told that getting married is the greatest goal of my life, rather than conquering the entire universe.

We not only do not teach our daughters to be optimistic, but we also criticize them for even having a dream. Indra Nooyi would not be as good if she believed that her only true passion was to marry, and to someone wealthy and decent, if I may say so.

But the thing is we are preaching equality but are we really equals? Do we actually put in the efforts to be equal counterparts with the other gender? Ask yourself- how many of you know how to do your finance? Do you even know how to open a bank account or anything about taxes at all? I bet half of us don’t but men sure do or at least know how to do some jugaad and figure out a way around these questions.

So, the next question becomes then why can’t we? The finance side is known as a man’s job but why. You probably have heard quite a handful of women tell you to be financially independent but has anyone ever told you that it doesn’t specifically mean to earn a living but also includes managing your finance and who is gonna learn that, me? Yes me and you, both because that’s how you get independent.

Have a steady stream of income so that if you do find yourself in a situation like this, you can walk out of a toxic home and be on your own without hesitation. But what do we do? Judge and belittle each other. That won’t work boo we need to spice it up a little around her.

Support and teach one another, and above all, learn to stand up for yourself. And if that makes you a bad bitch (ps. That’s borderline disrespectful), so be it. I will wear this tag as armor. I can assure you that being a bad bitch is always preferable to being a basic bitch. I’m not going to finish this article on a bright note because there’s still a long way to go, but I do know that the darkest hour comes before the dawn.

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