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How do you define “the efficient government” Is it the strength of the economy, employment rate, literacy rate, or infrastructural strength? Which one is it? The phrase was termed by Mr. Manoj Jha in an interview with Quint and as the interview progressed the only meaning I could decode is the ability to take accountability, not just for your achievements and success but also for the failure. And before half of the section of the audience concludes that the write-up is gonna blame just the central government till the end of eternity, you are partially right.

They are the ones in power and they are accountable and as Mr. Manoj Jha said if you are comfortable in putting your picture in the proof of a scientific discovery then you need to put your picture in the death certificates too when that very system fails. But was it just the central government that failed- No. The state and central government were needed to work together and come forth the best strategy to fight a never faced before pandemic. But what happened instead was just straightforward disgrace. The state and central government were too busy fighting for the screen time instead of actually fighting off a pandemic.

Who is gonna explain to the state leaders that proving the prime minister of your country is not the priority at the moment, it always was the citizens but then being re-elected is more important than actually working together? And by now if you think, “Yeah, it’s all state government’s fault”, wake up already, the system failed on all levels- be it the central or state. And why just the government, we citizens too failed in upholding the guidelines that were laid down. We don’t care enough to wear masks or going to a crowded place but complain when the numbers of cases go soaring up. We only follow protocol when there is a lockdown then how are we the ones who are complaining about the lockdown.

And the central government stating that we don’t need a lockdown, it will be the decision of the state government was yet another way of shrugging off their responsibility and shifting the blame. The only question I wanted to ask the prime minister of our country- do you not know your own country’s citizens or what. They were never capable of following rules. We are more comfortable is clapping and lighting dias than putting masks and social distancing. But then you were the one bragging about the number of people that turned up for your rally, what I am even expecting.

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Let’s go back a little to the time right before the second wave. We all pretended like the pandemic was over and everything was under control. What did we do? We went out on vacations, partying, demanding for theatres, gyms, and clubs to reopen. And our government to rallies. Because the healthcare system failing was no big of a deal, right? And as Mr. Manoj Jha pointed out the government still didn’t have the blueprint even after the first wave.

You might deny it but don’t you think the money invested in Projects like Central Vistas and Ram Mandir could have been used to construct hospitals or in funding necessary equipment. You say the healthcare system didn’t fail or collapsed. It actually did but the medical staff were the ones that didn’t let the needy suffer. When the system failed, it was the people behind the system who took the responsibility and stepped up their game. And after all of this, I have to say the government listened the least to these very people.

We were so involved in the dias and clapping stunt of ours that we forgot to follow the exclusive instructions laid out by the top medical personnel of our own country. That is not how you show appreciation. That is a waste of time and as far as I remember there were people on the roads to show support together beating the whole point of it.

Next question, if we are fully capable of showing appreciation then we must be capable of acknowledging sorrow too. If you can do the stunt of showing the worst possible way of showing support (at least they did something) then how about issuing an apology letter to the family of those who lost their lives fighting against Covid. I am not saying take the blame, that it was your fault that they lost their lives but to acknowledge the suffering and sorrow. That is the least one can expect. And before someone asks will it be enough, I would like to answer it anyways-No, but then nothing will ever be. But the fact that you are saying that we see your suffering we acknowledge it and we are sorry will mean a lot than the fake tears we saw previously. Do something, anything at all to make us believe that you still care and all this isn’t just a big marketing stunt.

I want this step just because of the report that was circulated that the state government says no deaths happened because of lack of oxygen. Well, you are right. It happened due to a lack of initiative and proper management. Oxygen was always available in abundance. The tweets, posts that we all saw were a lie, weren’t they? Those cries were a lie. Or the compassion or tears that our prime minister showed was? I want the government to stop denying and starting acknowledging. Because I think this denial is something that is probably hurting a lot of their own supporters as well.

Finally, we all say the system failed, it’s the system’s fault but who is this system exactly? Isn’t it the people? The ones in power that we elected? So, who exactly is accountable? The ones that had the power to make a difference and failed us or us who had the chance to help but we didn’t care enough just like the time of elections? So, should we blame? And if blaming is a solution? And the important one is any of the government, be it central or state, can be termed as an efficient government?

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