The Journey

what you see are the thousands of miles before the destination. What I see is are the thousands of steps I undertook to get here. We are not the same.

You see the failure, I see a new adventure.

You see a person not knowing of love because she never had anyone besides her, I see a person struggling to love herself. I see the one who walked along with her always without questioning her- her demons.

You see the incapabilities, I see the struggle and tears.

We both are the two sides of the same coin but it is my journey so I will be the one defining it while you only get to judge it from afar. We are not the same.

You are right, there are thousands of miles before I finish my journey but then the journey ends with me, on my death bed.

You see my unsuccessful attempts, I see them as fun stories to be told.

My journey is not what you want it to be rather everything I have ever wanted it to be.

And I only wish when I finish it and the Almighty asks was I satisfied with my life, I am able to look at him/her and say – Maybe but I was surely happy until the very end.

What I was looking for was happiness even at my worst, to learn to love myself and support everyone else. And that is the journey I wish I have.

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