The Reality of Indian Sports

The recent Tokyo Olympics ended with the magnificent first-ever Gold medal in Athletics, making it the best season for India In terms of medals so far. And while most of us are celebrating this new landmark achievement, the question still remains will it be enough to change our mentality and outlook towards sports as a career or does the field still has a long way to go?

Sports as a career? Hell No.

While we all cheered for the athletes representing our country on an international level but when asked the question if we did support our own children to actually take up sports as a career, what do you think will be the answer?

The same Indian that is proud of the sportspersons now won’t let their own kids pursue any kind of sport as a career and would rather advise opting for something more mainstream that would provide them with a stable income later on or simply put “padai pe dhyaan do pura din khel khud karte rhte ho”.

That’s the kind of hypocrite world we live in.

Discriminating within the sports

Kid: Mom, I want to pursue a career in Javelin Throw.

Mom: What even is Javelin Throw?

The chance of your parents saying yes to a career in sports is higher if you opt for something mainstream. Who knew this term would find a way in sports as well. I really thought it was reserved for careers like doctor, engineer, or lawyer. But I guess I was wrong. Even though we don’t have any national sport, cricket actually seems like to any outsider because we are more updated on when the next cricket match

will be than the names of the team members of the national hockey team that represents us on the international level.

How many brand ambassadors have you seen that really aren’t cricketers.

Did you know China actually invests and promotes participation in events that are less popular because they are easier to score medals in? But then we are more focused on endorsements and popularity than sports as a whole.

The Battle of Sexes within the sports

Even the renowned sport of cricket has its backdrops. How many of us know that two female Indian cricketers actually are placed in the top 10 cricketers of the world as per the BCCI 2021 rankings? Do we know their names? Mithali Raj and Jhulan Goswami. But we definitely know what Virat Kholi is doing at the moment.

Have you ever seen a women’s cricket match live on any channel or the news of them winning or losing on any news channel? Name the members of the Indian women’s cricket team. That’s the reality of sports. We are term Indian females athletes as models and male athletes as the savior of the sport.

That is the UGLY TRUTH of sports.

The Battle of Region

Is there any need to add anything else? Don’t think so.


Did you know that this year we took part in many sports for the first time like fencing, rowing, sailing and in Equestrian for the first time in two decades? But the question is do we have the infrastructure to support such stuff. And before you add that these Olympians will get cash rewards they can just use that. Well, you see they have been using their money anyways and their parents are under debt supporting their expensive dreams and it would be obvious that this money would be going in repaying it off. But then it is not their responsibility to pay for such things.

Would is the government doing if the players are the ones financially supporting everything? Do we only remember them after they won and use these sportspersons as a marketing tactic or do we really have any respect for them at all?.

Ask yourself did you even know that the Indian 4x400m Relay Team broke Asian Record but failed to qualify for the final or India came 4th in Golf or It was the first time the women Indian hockey team qualified for the semi-finals or who even Neeraj Chopra was before he bagged the gold for our country. Did you even see the match?

All we cared for are the medals while ignoring the efforts these athletes put in.

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