The Theory of Why

Just a quick disclaimer before I start that this write-up isn’t in any way going to be related to a newfound physics theory or anything, rather about a small realization that I came to while having one of those random lunch conversations with my mum, you know the one that we don’t remember where it begins from but definitely would remember where it ended. So, we were having this discussion about a random topic and she just stopped midway probably annoyed by my questions, and looked at me and asked me why you are such pessimistic? Why do you have to question everything? Why can’t you just take things as it is? Why there have to be more than there is? And my reply was simple why one shouldn’t question if one can’t understand the logic behind something and she quickly replied because I said so. Any guesses to my reply. Simple one- because it is stupid to just accept something because someone said so and that became the foundation of the “theory of why”.

That day I learned the culture of following instructions has been hammered down in their brains so rigorously that they so brilliantly that they casually mute our questioning and opinions out and when we make sure our voices are heard they categorize us as rebels. Historically speaking, every new generation is on a different track than its predecessor, strike that we all are on different tracks and we are just wired to different interpretations of the era that we all share. Let’s talk small first. How many of us on our first day of the job or a new class has heard the superior or teacher say feel free to ask questions. Probably all of us and then how many of you have been shamed or looked down upon when you really asked a question. If I know that to get the answer to a small question I would have to answer ten different questions before they finally decide if I am worthy of getting an answer then why would I ask a question in the first place. Haven’t you been asked by your senior-“why can’t you just follow the instructions?” Well, because I do understand the instructions but I don’t get the logic behind them. How is this procedure going to get the optimal results or maybe because I was curious and wanted to know more but I guess our job is to follow instructions. And then we all wonder from where did this instruction following, just memorizing the information attitude came from. Well there is no incentive in it and hence even we would discard it at some point, isn’t it?

Now let’s talk about it in a broader sense. The white privilege, we all knew that existed but we didn’t really do anything about it until recently. The question is why and the answer is as small as the question in itself because it was convenient. This sentiment certainly doesn’t resonate with our generation anymore. The “Black Life Matters” movement/protest was started because it was getting way too convenient for people/ police to disregard one particular section of society. And to think Daunte Wright, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others had to lose their life to make sure it didn’t felt convenient anymore to us is just straight out horrific. For the first time, people used this ‘privilege’ of theirs to make a difference in the lives of others and isn’t this what privilege is all about. Privilege is an advantage and a responsibility to empower others. And the youth today are enlightened enough or shall I say woke to make sure they don’t just look for what’s convenient for them and look away from the sufferings of others rather empathize and voice their concerns. The shift from indifference to empathy needs to be recognized and applauded.

And this isn’t the only issue our generation has voiced but certainly, the fact they questioned a rigid system of thinking and did something at all is what is amazing. And this statement makes us wonder if we have set our standards way too low at this point or what. This isn’t a fight with our predecessors and our goal isn’t to prove them wrong rather the goal is to show that we are a generation that has the privilege of options, and the freedom to choose from those options. It is important we challenge the traditional ways of doing things and ask questions. I think in order to grow we need to acknowledge the harsh reality and make amends to it and to do so we need to question the reality and society we chose to live in. Why are we doing this? Is there any other alternative? If we can’t agree then can we co-exist in harmony? This battle is against the rigid thinking process and our inability or unwillingness to ask difficult questions. The Theory of Why is about question everything that has been accepted just for the sake of convenience and adopting a new mental framework that helps in refining ourselves.

4 thoughts on “The Theory of Why

  1. Sakshi Aggarwal

    You are right about this “Y”. If this is not answered then probably there is no excitement left in life. It would just be monotonous life.
    Keep it up!!! Love to read more such articles.

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Sakshi!! Totally agree with the monotonous part as we aren’t machines that are meant to take just instructions. Questioning mindset is really important and I am glad that you liked the small effort from my side!! Keep reading and sharing the posts with your friends to generate awareness 🙂


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