Things I’d like my Partner to know about me

1) I prioritize my family over everything else. In addition, I value quality over quantity. When it comes to choosing a good friend, I am picky. But when I befriend someone, I accept that person wholeheartedly. I expect you to respect my loved ones the same way you expect me to respect yours. I hope you don’t act like a king in front of my family and close friends. I hope you don’t mind if my parents treat you as their son rather than their son-in-law.

2) I’ve heard it said many times that arrange marriage these days is a deal between two broken hearts. I’ve never fallen in love in my life. Even after hearing multiple times that there is something important that you are missing in life and that you should at least give it a shot, I just couldn’t do it. I know how strange it can be.

Because flings and casual relationships are so common in our generation these days but the idea of a perfect partner has never struck a chord with me.
But I’m fine with your past but I don’t want you to still be stuck on someone after committing to me. You don’t have to act like I’m your first, but I’d like to be your last. I hope your baggage from the past does not come back to haunt us.

3) It’s fine if our interests don’t align or if we have nothing in common to talk about. I am a good listener and would be happy to know about your interests. We’ll have a lot to talk about, won’t we?

4) Will you always respect me? I grew up in a family where my parents treated my sibling and me equally. Can I expect the same level of respect and equality from you? There will be areas where you excel and I don’t and areas where I excel and you do not. So I hope you’re not going to brag about it and make me feel inferior.

5) I’d love to hear your secrets, the struggles you’ve faced to become who you are, the times you’ve had self-doubt, and how you overcame them. I’d like to hear about your first heartbreak and insecurities. I promise I won’t judge you.

6) I will always try to motivate you to achieve your goals in life. I want us to grow as a team. I will always be there with you in all the situation. I hope we become best friends so you can tell me everything you don’t want anyone else to know. I hope you will seek my advice when making important decisions. No, I won’t be sad if you do the opposite of what I suggest, all I want is for you to make me feel important by discussing everything.

7) I am a sensitive person. Though I’ve learned not to show my emotions easily those who know me well can easily understand how I’m feeling. Negative motivation doesn’t work for me. I want you to be patient with me when I cry. Give me time. I won’t ask much from you, but all I ask is that when I’m blue, you don’t make fun of me or criticize me. I’ll be fine in no time.

8) Finally, and most importantly, I don’t want you to give up on us. Please don’t leave me alone even if I tell you to. I don’t want a third person to step in and sort things out for us. We’ll figure things out on our own. I don’t want you to fall asleep in anger. I don’t want us to say anything to each other that we will later regret.

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