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Timeline and Pace: The Irony of Living

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How many times have you seen this post in some form or the other? How many times have you been told to stop comparing yourself to others, we all have our own pace, we achieve different kinds of stuff at different times Something or other on these lines.

But hasn’t the society itself taught us something different altogether. I include our parents and you and me in the term ‘society’ too. We are the narrative itself in a way. We all have always set a rigid timeline for ourselves- graduate from school at 18, graduate from college by 22, then find a suitable mainstream, high-income job, have a family by 30, work till 60, and then wait to die while reminiscing the past.

And we all follow this timeline unconsciously and the society dictates the rules and deadlines time and again. But if we all have the same deadline then how are we exactly preaching to take life at our own pace or one day at a time.

And let’s be honest, it’s not like we enjoy comparing ourselves with others, it’s just the society pits us against each other, and to a certain level how can we not compare ourselves to others? We are happy to see others succeed but we do get jealous when they move ahead of us. Isn’t it natural? After all, we live in a competitive world. In order to achieve a favorable standing and fulfill our goals, we must take several factors into consideration and competition is always a part of the list.

For instance, they say we all are unique or go at our own pace but if you are a commerce student then above 90% is a must in order to get into a good college. I know someone will point out that some kind of parameter is required but the question then becomes are marks the right one?

Fun fact the backbencher in my class scored way less than me in business studies but is a way better entrepreneur than me. I mugged by the content but he applied them practical and probably create a few of his own secret trade tricks and theories.

Or those girls, who we used to call fashionistas and made fun of dressing up as if they were going to a fashion show. They are successful influencers now and are doing way better marketing than me even though I was the one who had the concepts on the tip of my fingers.

Do you see the irony, just to prove my point I too actually compared people with me or against some stupid so-called standards? This is the whole point, how can we recognize our uniqueness and the right pace if the society and even we ourselves keep judging us based on wrong standards.

And you say there is no time limit? Well, have you ever heard a father telling his son that he has one year, follow his passion but if after that one year if you aren’t successful then ditch your dreams and follow the mainstream bullshit the society has laid out for you.

One simple observation – Anyone who has ever started a business or has common sense might point out it takes at least one year to even think of achieving a breakeven point (no loss, no profit). And to think to be successful in that time frame is just being unrealistic.

And if the observation is true then isn’t the timelines we follow just unrealistic and unfair. I just want us to finally acknowledge the irony we all live in.

motivational quote

And the final question- Are we gonna keep being unrealistic and follow this timeline to tag ourselves successful or failure accordingly or are we gonna reconstruct it according to our capability and do our best but not be rigid and modify when and as required?

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