Wings of Fire

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Genre– Autobiography

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For all your days prepare

and meet them ever alike

When you are the anvil, bear-

When you are the hammer, strike.”

This book taught me you win some battles, lose some of them, and then there are battles you barely survive but always make sure you fight through them all with you got because only then magic happens. It is the journey through one’s struggle and memories but what it does for us is to motivate us to take the leap of faith we all are so scared of. Because trust me till the time you are expecting to find the future you to catch you, you would never fall.

The best thing about this book is the relationships, the complexity, the prejudice within them, and finally the ability to overcome this prejudice. The book showcased friendship in a new form. Kalam was more successful than either one of his friends but he never saw it like that. He didn’t see successful rather preferred happiness. And till the time you are happy in your lives, I guess you did succeed after all. Don’t adhere to the standards this society sets. Because if we all do that Kalam would have been a ticket collector at best and we wouldn’t have got one of the most knowledgeable president and scientist of all time. Or shall I refer to him as the great visionary. We need to realize no one other than ourselves can tell the best possible outcome or path for us.

One of my favourite memories of Kalam would be while he was at MIT and was struggling to finish his work within deadline. And he asked his teacher to extend the deadline. On refusal, Kalam not only executed what was expected of him but also with a precision that wasn’t expected by even his teacher.

 You must have seen the post on social media in which they said you can clean a room in three days if that’s what you decide or in three hours if that is what you decide for yourself. I will add the post just to avoid any confusion thanks to my horrible explanation.

Our dreams take exactly the time we decide we will need. So stop adding the time to procrastinate and get your ass to work. Because an idea without execution is a waste. Failure should not be a concern to people who are not even willing to try. You would take the risk once it becomes a necessity and not an option.

The best kind of motivation can be found in the pages of the lives of the people who should have given up but decided not to. And Kalam’s life has always been a work of art and this book is no less than just that.

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